What is the environmental cost of technological freedom?


50 million tons of e-waste are produced each year as the tools that breed creation simultaneously spur the environmental waste of consumerism. The polarity of this struggle is exemplified as Khởi struggles to swim through a massive invasion of human “stuff” in its water and environment.

Khởi was rendered by a 3D artist in Fashion4Freedom’s Designers & Artisans Collective. Much like Khởi, we struggle to maintain old methods, while also encouraging young artists and designers to blend new with old rather than to simply retire the past. Khởi is the fusion of old and new methods in jewelry making. Through creative negotiation and careful processes we acquire precious metal mined from old technology, including discarded phones, computers and tablets, to weld a statement affirming the aesthetic value of a consciously designed supply chain.

Our process of jewelry creation is called Data Mining since much had to be researched and learned to create a more conscientious method of using precious metal. We are literally mining old data to breath new life into our creative aspirations.

Khởi is the first piece in Fashion4Freedom’s SWARM collection. SWARM is a construction of select migratory, fluid creatures designed to debate the value and cost of migration especially of those made by humans in an attempt to find better resources. While fish, beetles, butterflies and birds migrate to sustain and recreate, in what direction are humans swimming? Analogous to our designs which are to be valued through cultural footprint, embodiment of a time past and reverence for nature, we have created the Khởi who swims upstream, against the current of artificial ‘progress’.

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