Fashion can sustain culture and culture can be easily helped or destroyed by way of capitalism

The concern for workers' rights is not the only issue; economic justice and human dignity must be part of the conversation of fashion about fashion.  Our method is to democratize the market by funding artisans with equipment so they have a choice to work in a factory or be their own entrepreneurs;  secondly, by leading the design front, we ensure a greater chance for the artisans' success. 


Our objective is to provide a new option for fashion production while fighting poverty through programs for capital investment, design collaboration, and economic empowerment to turn female artisans into self-reliant entrepreneurs of the trade of which they are masters.  Profit generated from our ethical manufacturing business support the 33-month master classes where leadership development are also provided. 


All over the developing world, artisans and farmers contribute greatly to help circulate their local economies; investments for their growth have been few and often consists of scant micro loans unable to economically move artisan communities forward.  We see artisans and heritage farmers as viable entrepreneurs and we recognize their impact to society. We invest capital & resources to incubate their potential


Too simplistic is the idea that a mere introduction between buyers & artisans is enough to create an economically viable and sustainable future for the artisans.   While our sister foundation manages the incubation process for artisans, we lead the accelerator for those ready to join and compete in bigger markets outside their local village reach.   We are the conduit between buyers & artisans translating needs and requirements between the two sides


There's no greater support for a vital community of artisans than a thriving market for their goods.

By designing in collaboration with our communities of artisans, we ensure greater demands and interest in their craft redefined for modern taste.

On behalf of the artisans, we speak to government authorities, to the media, and the market  


Five years of practice and building our own ethical supply chain, we are confident that scalability, productivity, and price competitiveness are possible achievements alongside social and environmental performance.  

By making this new supply chain open & assessable to the public, we make it possible for others to become agents of change. Beyond stating the needs, we advocate for change by creating tools for others to collective add their voices.

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